Pickin’ Daisies

Pickin' Daisies is a Belgium-based rock band founded by Marc Vanden Branden and Frederik Vanhoutte. They started playing together and soon realized that they had great chemistry as a team, they decided to form a band and named it Pickin' Daisies. Their music is characterized by the fusion of rock, blues, and folk elements, which creates a unique sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences with a focus on catchy riffs and powerful vocals. The band's current lineup includes Hervé on percussion, Maxim on drums, and Joery on solo guitar. With their combined talents, Pickin' Daisies has gained a reputation for their powerful live performances and catchy, upbeat melodies. After months of practicing and perfecting their sound, Pickin' Daisies decided to go into the studio to record their upcoming EP which will be released end of this year. The first single “Lonely Boy” is a a powerful rock anthem that speaks to anyone who has ever felt alone or lost.

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Marc Vanden Branden
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