Patrik Jansson (Sweden)

Hello!Please find a proposal for:The finest Blues-Rock Scandinavian band:PATRIK JANSSON BAND (Sweden)New Tour in April 2023! Booking also Summer and Fall 2023.Band bring all backline for club dates in Europe!Patrik Jansson.JPG EXPLOSIVE SONG: on Soundcloud This album is going to be released october 28 with one single and video released once a month until releasedate. from 22nd - 30th/May: first week21st April: Detmold Germany22nd April : free23rd April:Frauntel, Austria24th April: free25th April: free26 April: Chur, CH27April : Geneva, CH28 April: Rheinau, CH29th April: Lausanne, CH30 April : free1st -2nd: freeWednesday 3rd May: freeThursday 4th May: Milano Nidaba (tbc)5th May: Wil, CH6th May: Chiasso7th May: freeSummer Festivals11th July: Vallemaggia Blues - TicinoOctober to middle of NovemberBookings: Roger Salem SALEM PROMOTION - Lugano, Switzerland Tel: +4179 468 4208 ​

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Roger Salem
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